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For learning & laughter 

The Improv training is a theatrical training based on techniques used by actors, comedians and improvisors. " Who's line is it anyway" being the most well-known example. Your professional trainer Kristel Zweers was actually one of the performers in the Dutch version of this world-famous tv show ( De Lama's) 

During an interactive training these improvisational techniques will be used in order to inspire your team to work together, flex their creative muscles and boost their confidence… all whilst sharing a few laughs in the process. 


We can focus on Communication skills, Innovation, Creativity, Presenting, Teambuilding, Managing skills or Leadership.  


*Warning: This will not be a sit-down, lecture-like training. Your team will be buzzing with energy and they will do most of the talking.



A standard session is three hours. However, just as the content and focus - the length can also be customised to your needs.


Who should attend

The training is suitable for any group or team. Whether you are CEO's, decision strategists, trend analysts, marketing groups, think tanks, a sales team or anything in between. The training works best if everyone joins in, including the leaders and those in charge of implementing the training. 

Where do we start

Not sure wether this training suits your team?

Please drop me a note so we can work out the problem areas within the company or group together, to create a training that is based on your organization's unique needs.


The benefits of Improvisation for individuals:

• Raises energy, alertness and positive feelings
• Engages different parts of the brain & body
• Increases self awareness and expands self concept
• Creates new neural pathways and releases endorphins
• Fosters the ability to think on your feet & under pressure
• Develops confidence in navigating the unknown
• Generate more novel ideas in a shorter amount of time
• Develops flexible thinking
• Activates the imagination 
• Enables more risk taking and spontaneous behaviors
• Increases ability to add to other’s ideas in inventive ways


The benefits of Improvisation for groups:

• Instantly equalizes every member of the group
• Breaks down barriers quickly and non-threateningly
• Sets the stage for ongoing generative co-creation
• Increases trust between team/group/org. members
• Strenghtens Group spirit  “Look what WE did!”
• Enhances the skill of supporting; giving and receiving

• Shakes people out of traditional ways of doing things
• Engages the whole person & whole team

• Raises energy, alertness and positive feelings
• Breaks habitual patterns 
• Fosters experimentation without fear of failure

• Challenges assumptions

“Those who say ‘yes’ are rewarded by the adventures

they have, and those who say ‘no’ are rewarded by the

safety they attain” – Keith Johnstone

It's not without reason that universities like Harvard and Oxfort offer improvisation classes to their students. Find out why organizations like Intel, Google, Twitter, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Apple have all tapped into this effective training approach. 


In the past I trained judges, management - sales- and marketing teams for the following companies.





In 1999 Kristel obtained a Bachelor degree in Drama at the Constanijn Huygens School of Arts. She specialised in Improvisation theater at Keith Johnstone’s Loose Moose Theatre Company in Calgary. (Keith Johnston is one of the few internationally recognized authorities in the field of improvisation). She has trained and coached organisations and professionals at all levels.


As a professional stand- up comedian Kristel has the ability to create the right atmosphere in any group. Her observations are sharp and she has the power to communicate directly, thoughtful and professional. Her workshops have a good balance between focus and fun.




Improvise to Improve

creativity, innovation, communication, presentation, teamwork and leadership

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